K-Swiss from Nineties​ to Not

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K-Swiss, the shoe brand that found itself going hot to not, has begun to heat up once again. K-Swiss is beginning to push for Millennials.  The Generation-K collection is $65-$100.  The campaign is hoping to resonate with Millennials and Generation Z.  What sets this campaign apart from others is that they are not using celebrities to endorse or market it, but entrepreneurs.

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Technology: Personalized Heels

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Fashion and technology are melding together once again to offer personalized heels.  Personalization has become more and more coveted as no person wants to look like the masses but more like an individual.  It is also something that many brands try to give a consumer, a personalized experience. But this is adding something else–a personalized item.  Personalized experiences plus a personalized item is something that is extremely exciting to market as it is something that many look forward to having. Something one of a kind.

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Generation Z Influenced by Social Media

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Move over Millennials, Generation Z is the next market that marketers are brands are going to target in the near future.  When comparing numbers, 74% of Millennials state that they were influenced by social media to purchase items while 80% of Generation Z is influenced to purchase thanks to social media.

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Models–The New Social Media Powerhouse

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In this day and age, we constantly hear that Influencers are the top of the game but Influencers is such a broad term.  It can mean practically anyone with a large social media, that could also mean throwing celebrities into the mix.  Models were huge Influencers back when ATM (America’s Top Model) was at its prime but just like trends come and go so do trends on who is influential.

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L’Orèal Paris Usage of Influencers



With past posts on this blog and the effect plain to see on social media–Influencers are everywhere.  Many brands use Influencers to help spread the word about a product or brand but what about using them a different way?  L’Orèal has done something that other brands have not even thought about.  Making a panel of Influencers a part of their brand.

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