Technology: Personalized Heels

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(Photo Credit: CNBC)

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Fashion and technology are melding together once again to offer personalized heels.  Personalization has become more and more coveted as no person wants to look like the masses but more like an individual.  It is also something that many brands try to give a consumer, a personalized experience. But this is adding something else–a personalized item.  Personalized experiences plus a personalized item is something that is extremely exciting to market as it is something that many look forward to having. Something one of a kind.

High heels often mean discomfort for women but Sarah Gault, the mastermind behind True Gault, hopes to convince otherwise.  Mass customization as it is called now is gaining momentum.  Nike has since launched NikeID which allows consumers to customize and make their own Nike sneakers.  What sets True Gault apart is that Sarah wants to have an app and be able to use 3-D capability to truly set it apart from competitors.

The melding of technology and fashion continues to grow.  This unique app/program will change the way people shop. True Gault is allowing women to take the problem of uncomfortable heels and giving them a solution.  No foot is the same and so no shoe will be the same whether it is in fit or style.

Just like Warby Parker changed the eyewear industry and Stitch Fix changed the subscription box industry, True Gault has found its niche and is sticking to it.  In the future, it can only be presumed through trial and error, it will find itself right at home with other emerging technological fashion feats.




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