K-Swiss from Nineties​ to Not

Karen Civil
(Photo Credit: WWD)

Original article here.

K-Swiss, the shoe brand that found itself going hot to not, has begun to heat up once again. K-Swiss is beginning to push for Millennials.  The Generation-K collection is $65-$100.  The campaign is hoping to resonate with Millennials and Generation Z.  What sets this campaign apart from others is that they are not using celebrities to endorse or market it, but entrepreneurs.

K-Swiss stats that their target consumer is not trying to be athletes but entrepreneurs.  Some of the people being used are Jerry from F**kJerry fame on Instagram and VaynerMedia co-founder Gary Vaynerchuk.

It may be easier for K-Swiss to reach out to Millennials because most of them knew of K-Swiss back when it was at its height in the 1990s.  The infamous red and white design of the sneakers were all the rage back then but had since been unspoken and unthought of.

It is refreshing to see a brand not use the typical celebrity or Influencer to market their brand especially since it is such a crucial campaign to reach to their target audience.  People want authenticity and that is what they are going to get with these self-made success stories. It is not Kendall Jenner but Kendall Jenner is not what they will need.  It is a unique idea but a good one.

K-Swiss may have a harder time reaching Generation Z as they may have never heard or seen the brand before.  It was popular way before their time and it has never seen such popularity again.  It can only be the hope of those doing this marketing campaign to truly be able to reach out to this demographic and introduce this brand that just may be getting its second wind.  Nineties nostalgia has been in..it could be their ticket back into the limelight.


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