Crossposting: Lazy and Dangerous

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(Photo Credit: Your Destiny Fulfilled)

Original article here.

When going through your favorite brands Facebook and Instagram, you find that it posts the same photos and captions. A complete copy. Does it annoy you or do you just wave it off?

It may seem like a quick and easy way to put content on all your social media platforms but to many, it comes off as lazy.  It is up to the people using these social networks, especially marketers to be aware that posting the same posts across may not be the best.  When crossposting, marketers or people do not take into account that every social network has something that works best for them.  Different photo resolutions are best on certain platforms and hashtags may work better on Instagram than on Facebook, depending on what is trending that day on that platform.

It is best to tailor your content and description to each platform.  Each platform has a different dominant audience and that may also go for the brand itself.  It may have the same person liking them across all platforms–but that person wants to see something different from the brand on each page,  not the same thing posted 3 times over.

It may be doing more harm than good.  Some days it may be necessary that different photos or descriptions are posted.  If it is the same photo, make sure it is tailored for that social media platform and a different description is put in.  There is so much possibility to grow and engage your audience.  Cross-posting is not the way to do so. If anything, it turns them away.


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