Models–The New Social Media Powerhouse

Image result for liu wen
(Photo Credit: Sinuous Magazine)

In this day and age, we constantly hear that Influencers are the top of the game but Influencers is such a broad term.  It can mean practically anyone with a large social media, that could also mean throwing celebrities into the mix.  Models were huge Influencers back when ATM (America’s Top Model) was at its prime but just like trends come and go so do trends on who is influential.

What makes the models of today different than models from the 90s, such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, are that they made themselves household names while the ones from today are using social media to make themselves direct-to-consumer channels.

These models did not seem to care that they made their private life public, it is what made it more intriguing to the masses that really liked these individuals.

Image result for kendall jenner

(Photo Credit: Vogue)

Some of these models have a larger reach than magazines.  With social media expanding and being the popular medium to exchanging information, it is no surprise that it is able to lift even the most unknown of people into powerhouses, this is just expanding the models reach into new territories.

The article states, “Managers now look at projects from all angles — print, runway, social, video — and are working more closely with different departments at brands and publishers.”  This shows that they are well aware that models are able to penetrate into all these different mediums at the expense of the brand that is sponsoring them.  It is truly a win for the agency and the model itself.  Social media continues to have a hold on the industry and models are the ones who are gaining momentum this time.


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