Kylie Jenner or Not?

Image result for kylie jenner look alike fashion nova(Photo Credit: Teen Vogue)

Usually, clothes are able to sell themselves but brands are turning to Kylie Jenner-like models to sell their wares.  Kylie Jenner has done advertisements on her Instagram for brands such as Fashion Nova, as seen above.

The Kardashians and Jenners are extremely influential but influence comes at a price–a price that some retailers are willing to pay but many are not.  It is extremely lazy marketing but it is a good way to draw in people.

Kylie Jenner seems to be followed in everything she does.  Her lip kits are extremely popular and most of what she advertises gets sold in record time.  Walking in New York City, I spotted a billboard for a fashion brand that for the life of me can’t remember and swore it was Kylie Jenner.  The likeness was so similar that I couldn’t help but just stare at it for a while before I realized it truly was not Kylie Jenner and a model that looked extremely alike.  They want people to do a double take.  This leads people to look at the advertisements more especially since it is not on Instagram or social media.

A lot of smaller brands do this and I can see why it may help them as now Influencers are the way to go even if the person is not a complete celebrity.  The influence has a hold on many Millennials which clamor to get a piece of what Jenner is wearing nowadays.  This will happen in the future with other people who will become influential.  It is not exactly new media but it is used both on old traditional ads and social media.




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