L’Orèal Paris Usage of Influencers



With past posts on this blog and the effect plain to see on social media–Influencers are everywhere.  Many brands use Influencers to help spread the word about a product or brand but what about using them a different way?  L’Orèal has done something that other brands have not even thought about.  Making a panel of Influencers a part of their brand.

The “squad” has been a huge part of L’Orèal’s strategy in bringing in a broader audience. The squad is essential in revealing new products and being able to market fun and new ways of forming relationships.  These Influencers are normal people–not celebrities.  This makes it easy for them to influence other regular people.

They have Influencers talk about products and offer discount codes.  This is smart because if the person is interested, they will purchase the item and even more so because of a discount.  Celebs are great faces for a company but they offer no value to the consumer other than being a poster person.

Other brands should follow suit in using Influencers in ways to give their consumers discounts or tips. Consumers want value–not just to be sold an item.  Reviews are a given but if it is also saving money, it’s a win-win.  Celebs have always been the way to go but that is changing, especially with Millennials.  They do not want to be pushed by a celebrity or advertisement to buy an item but doing it in a way that does not seem so fake and made up is a way brands should start marketing in the future.


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