How to Reach Millennials

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Millennials are the IT generation.  They are in the workforce now and have the most spending power out of all generations right now–so the only smart move is to market to this demographic.  The question is “How?”

Everyone expects great customer service.  Millennials want seamless customer service.  They want simple service but helpful service.   The more simple and hassle-free the experience is, the more likely that they will return–establishing brand loyalty.  Brand loyalty is what brands what the most now especially since Millennials are not usually loyal to brands like how generations before them are.

Customer service is often not thought of when marketing but it is going to be the only way to truly engage them.  Marketing will pull them in but it will not help retain or engage them if the marketing seemed like a big lie.

The second way to pull Millennials in is with speed and creativity.  Social media has changed the way the world consumes the news.  Brands have to find a way to keep it short and to the point but be able to pull the person in.

Marketing is the way to pull in consumers to maybe try or purchase an item. If you truly want to reach Millennials, marketing is a start but customer service and creative speed when it comes to reaching out or spreading information is the way to go.

Being a Millennial, I agree with the customer service portion.  Nordstrom has multiple ways to get help and it is very easy.  It honestly has made me loyal to Nordstrom as a brand.  It was not only because of the items and the selection but because of the customer service.


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