Buzzfeed Joins Forces with Shopify

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Everyone knows Buzzfeed as the website you go on to procrastinate and take 100 quizzes when you should very well be doing work or homework.  Buzzfeed is delving into affiliate marketing and can be sure to add that to their list.

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The Downside to Influencer Marketing

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Influencers are the powerhouses of social media and marketing these days.  They give brands the oomph that they are looking for.  They often are extremely influential with large followings.

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The New Target: Generation Z

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Everywhere you turn you hear Millennial this and Millennial that but there are always generations coming and going and it is no different for Generation Z.  Generation Z is the generation after the Millennials.  They were born roughly from 1995-2010, give or take a few years.  With a new generation comes new spending habits.

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We Chat

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The United States is not the only country on this globe so it is also big for brands to be looking internationally to market.  WeChat is the largest social media app/service in China with over 900 million users.  It is a great way for brands, both luxury and mass, can appeal to those in China.  It is convenience.  Everything is at their fingertips and it will be evident that it is easier to shop on WeChat as well.

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Reaching Generation Z


Fashion and beauty brands are finding a new way to tap into Generation Z.  They’ve joined forced with AwesomenessTV to bring new and shoppable content onto YouTube.  Brands are beginning to do a new way of marketing.  Marketing that includes making mini-series that their audience will find enjoyable.  They want real people to be used so that they can truly see themselves in the brands or at least enjoy the content.

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