The Boom of BeautyCon




BeautyCon is just what it sounds like. A convention where beauty lovers descend for a chance to see their favorite Influencers and get a closer, more personal look at brands.

It is a way for all these brands to market themselves while physically being there and interacting with their consumers.  It goes beyond online and customer service.  On top of being a place where girls (and guys) can go to buy new items, they also receive goodie bags filled with beauty products.

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The Rise/Fall of Influencers

Influencers are everywhere whether you like it or not.  Bloggers are considered the main force to be reckoned with as we learned via an article in our class.  I, while, a blogger, do not consider myself an Influencer.  I have the experience and the knowledge of fashion that many do not have but my numbers are nowhere are mindblowing as theirs and in the fashion industry, or any industry, numbers lead the way.  It is easier for a brand to use the reach of their partners to get to new customers rather than trying to grow their own following.

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